IT Consultancy for your Small Business


Businesses need to stay connected, especially with clients often expecting to be able to communicate immediately or very quickly with your business.

Telecommunications are very important, and maintaining good lines of phone communication can become costly and difficult if your buisness needs to move. Often you can only keep existing phone numbers for your business only if the address remains in the same general area, which can mean disaster for contacting clients.
Combine that with requirements for secondary phone lines for Fax and payment services, and things become quickly complicated and can be very costly.
At CrosBros, we like to introduce our clients to a hybrid system, integrating existing phone lines with an internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service.
Advantages of a VoIP system include:

  • Number portability – your phone numbers are not bound to any phone line anymore, relocating the phones are equivalent to pluging the system in your local area network at the new location.
  • Remote Point of Presence – you can get additional contact phone numbers for your business in other cities, even in other countries, with local rates paid by the client and no significant costs for your business.
  • Easy provisioning of additional handsets and direct indial numbers.
  • If you have multiple offices in different locations and even countries you can dial handsets in other places as an extension, at no costs.
  • You can virtualise your business fax, making sending a fax a “print” process to a virtual printer and received faxes sent to your email inbox as a message with attachment.

If implemented incorrectly, VoIP can have serious drawbacks, so make sure you contact us for expert installation done right.
As always, we aim to be flexible. If your business has specific needs you may want to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for your requirements.