IT Consultancy for your Small Business

Dental Cabinets

CrosBros Consulting offers IT services for dental cabinets/practices, which are high consumers of IT.

The LoB (Line of Business) application – patient register and appointments – are usually SQL server based and need a powerful machine to run on. The Dental Practice Management Software can be Exact, D4W (Dental for Windows) or other software that the cabinet staff is comfortable working with, the functionality is mostly equivalent.

Alongside with the patient medical records a dental cabinet will store imaging content, vast and diverse: simple digital X-Rays , 3D X-Rays or OPGs, intraoral images, patient smiles with time lapses to follow progress, 3D imaging for porcelain crown manufacturing and the list grows continuously. Sufficient storage space has to be provided and redundancy as well, to prevent data loss.

Typically a MS server is deployed to host the storage and database and provide email and authentication services. For a small size practice we can deploy MS Small Business Server, a perfect fit with all the features required. Depending on the storage size we can use the built in backup service or the Acronis equivalent product if the data backed up  exceeds 2 GB.

Practices that offer crown and bridge services will use AutoCAD workstations for the porcelain crown/bridge design and interfaces with the micro-milling machine manufacturing the highly customized product.

For Orthophos 3D X-Ray systems we provide build workstation for model creation.

Some cabinets have been provide with VoIP phone solutions to replace the analogue systems and reduce ongoing call costs. We are partnered with 3CX to provide on premises Windows based software based PBXs but we have also deployed LINUX based Elastix full featured software VoIP PBX.

Of course this would be complemented by full printing/scanning solutions to suit the practice’s needs.

In addition we can provide internet presence (website and social) and can improve your web conversions using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google AdWords campaign management.

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