IT Consultancy for your Small Business

About Us

It’s in the Family

We understand small business because we are small business, and we know that our connections are what make our businesses great. In the case of CrosBros, it’s very much a family affair.
We have been passionate about IT for several decades; CrosBros began when a pair of brothers decided to combine their vast IT knowledge in different specialties together to form a company that caters to the needs of small business.

Our Journey

We noticed that often small businesses couldn’t afford in-house permanent IT staff, and the external solutions on offer were from large businesses, who really didn’t know what small business meant or why a hands-on, tailor made approach was so important.
After relocating to Australia in 2002, we started looking for opportunities and we continued to use the name.
We must be doing something right, because we’ve built a strong network of clients who trust us and continue to come to us for their IT needs, and we’re thrilled to have and support them whenever they need us.
We are still serving many of our original customers, and pride ourselves in never having lost a customer, which we think comes down to the value, experience and care that we bring to our client’s IT requirements.

We would like to expand our customer base and dig down into our roots of family and community.
One of the important projects we are working on is a pilot project, designing a community portal for Warner Lakes, bringing together people with common interests within the community and helping them organize community activities. As a part of this incentive, we have a proposal in the pipeline which would allow us to offer free internet access to registered members in communal areas around the community.

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