IT Consultancy for your Small Business

What can we offer

IT services are offered for small business, including comprehensive IT solutions and ongoing support. Our flexible options cater for small businesses anywhere from owner-operator to larger organizations with over 50 employees.
CrosBros is a Microsoft© Registered Partner and has Microsoft© Small Business Specialist certification. While we specialize in Microsoft server based solutions and products, including Small Business Server©, we are flexible and can also offer alternative and open-source solutions.

How we operate

Here are several ways that CrosBros support and solutions can work for you:

  • We prefer per-task support, giving you peace of mind that a task will be completed within your budget.
  • We also offer per-hour consultation, allowing you the flexibility of getting support with tasks which have fluid requirements or intermittent needs.
  • You should also consider subscription based services, giving you the great benefit of on-site support, where you need it, when you need it.

The CrosBros Advantage

We understand most businesses are very busy during normal operating hours and can not afford to have their IT systems down for maintenance, upgrades and changes at this time.

To assist you with your IT needs we also operate after hours and in weekends. Most IT services companies will charge you double or triple rates for this case but we charge a reasonable rate for our services.